Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Jackson Truth: Preliminary Hearing - Jan 5th, 2011

At today's hearing in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, all of the Jackson female siblings were in court (Janet, LaToya, Rebbie), as well as Randy, Ms. & Mr. Jackson.

The first witness was Alberto Alvarez, which was the security that made the 911 call. Alberto was the first one to go upstairs to see what was going on after Conrad Murray first made the SOS call to Michael Amir. When he went upstairs he said Conrad Murray was outside in the hall, just entering the room at the same time he did. He said Conrad Murray first instructed him to take the viles of medicine from his hands and put into a bag. During this time, Murray was doing CPR on Michael with one hand, and was handing him the medicine with the other hand. He then instructed Alberto to put the medicine in a brown bag that was sitting on a chair. He then instructed Alberto to take down the IV bag. Alberto said there was a milky white substance that still remained in the bottom of the IV bag. Then, after putting away the medicines, Conrad Murray instructed Alberto to call 911. When he called 911, they instructed them to put Michael Jackson on the floor because he was on the bed. The defense tried to protray that Alberto failed to call 911 on his own at one point when he saw the children gathering at the door. He said that his main concern was to protect the children and as he was making that statement, he became choked up with tears.

The next witness was Michael Jackson's chef, Kai Chase. She was a beautiful, very confident witness. She was very professional and expressed that she had worked for Michael only a few months before he died. She never went upstairs in Michael's home because the kitchen was her office and place of business. She stated that her normal routine was to prepare breakfast for the kids, and Michael, around 8 to 8:30 a.m. She said she would prepare Michael's juice and that Conrad Murray would come down at 10:00 a.m. to bring it to Michael, however, on the morning of June 25th, Conrad Murray did not come and get Michael's juice. She also said that the night of the 24th, she left dinner in the frig for Michael and when she returned the next morning, the breakfast was still there. She stated that she first knew something was wrong when Murray came running down the stairs asking for Prince and security. She went to get Price, but did not go outside for security because she didn't want to leave the children unattended. She said that although she didn't know what was going on, she knew something bad was taking place and she, along with the housekeepers and children, began to pray. She said that Michael's house was always full of music, laughter, and a very happy place.

The final witness was the paramedic that first arrived on the scene. He identified himself as having 27 years of experience. He said that when he first arrived he asked Conrad Murray exactly what happened. Murray first said, "nothing." Then he said that Michael was suffering from dehydration. He then asked Murray what medications did he give Michael and Murray stated he only gave him Adavan to sleep. The paramedic asked him repeatedly if he gave him anything else, and Murray's answer was, "no." The paramedic said that it didn't add up and he felt the doctor wasn't telling him the complete story. When he walked in, Murray and Alberto were placing Michael on the floor. They then moved Michael to the foot of the bed on the floor so that they could have room to work on him. He stated that Michael was totally unresponsive, did not look good at all upon arrival, that his eyes and mouth were opened, no pulse, no heart beat, eyes were totally dialated and that his hands and feet were already turning blue from lack of oxengen and blood. He stated that his professional opinion was Michael was already dead upon arrival and had been dead for some time. The paramedic said he called UCLA to get instructions and they wanted him to pronounce him dead, however, Murray claimed to have felt a pulse. When he checked, he did not find the pulse claimed by Murray. Because Murray wanted to take Michael to the hospital anyway without pronouncing him dead, they told Murray he would assume responsibility for his care, therefore, he had to come to the hospital and ride in the ambulance. Just prior to leaving for the hospital, the paramedic returned to Michael's room to make sure that they didn't leave any medical equipment behind and found Murray in the room looking around and witnessed him taking the bag that Alberto put the medicines in.

The defense tried to paint the picture that it is normal for doctors to ask for help and that doctors are not use to trauma situations like paramedics. However, the defense fails to get the fact that although these scenarios are true in normal situations, in this case, Conrad Murray lied to the paramedics, failed to disclose that he gave Michael propofol and during the 911 call Alberto said Murray was doing CPR on the bed (which proves he didn't know what he was doing).

How does a heart doctor not know how to do CPR? He joked to Alberto while doing mouth to mouth that he normally don't do this, but will for Michael because he was his friend. It is suspect whether Conrad Murray is even a real doctor, let alone a heart doctor.

Today's hearing was extremely difficult for the Jackson family. Janet Jackson was noteably upset, Catherine Jackson was teary eyed and Joe Jackson was quite upset by the testimony. Upon leaving the court house, I asked Joe Jackson how he felt about the hearing and he said, "we demand a federal investigation."

The Jackson Truth
Geraldine Hughes, reporting


  1. Kai said that the children were not why did they witness their father in his room.....inconsistent to me!

  2. I think that Kay and bodyguards are hiding something...

  3. Geraldine thank you so much for being our eyes and ears in this preliminary hearing, I've always had a sneaky suspicion that MJ was murdered. MJ himself always said that he thought his publishing back catalogue of songs was worth more than his life was to some... Even when you start to listen to all of his latest albums, his lyrics focus on being hounded, followed, watched and even once he thought he was being poisoned...:0( I am sooo heartbroken after reading some of his last moments here, but, God sees the truth, nothing can escape his eyes...Everyone will get their judgement one day, if not here, then definitely up there x Regards, Jenna Pal

  4. Thank you Geraldine for reporting on this.

    Even though some of the things I'm reading are very difficult to take, I'm grateful I have been able to get all my news from MJ fan-mily members like you rather than having to rely on the mainstream media.

  5. So Kai Chase maintains her story that Murray didn't come downstairs for Michael's breakfast at 10am like he usually does. That means he had probably found Michael dead in the morning and spent the hours hiding evidence and figuring out how he was going to get out of it. Or perhaps he busy with another woman then?

  6. Hi Cookie, The part about hiding evidence for hours doesn't make sense. He would have had time in "hours" to do that and it wasn't all gone. so... Like the paramedic said off record I too think that Michael was probably dead hours before. I also agree with another poster and have thought this for months - that it's quite possible that Dr. Murray wanted to make certain Michael could not be revived. When I read above that Michael was still on the bed when the paramedics got there, I was dismayed. We heard the 911 call and Michael still wasn't on the floor when the medics arrived? What? [not that it would have made any difference to revive Michael at that point] Whatever Dr. Murray's deal is [so to speak] he's a darn sloppy person in all aspects of his life. That story about Kai not wanting to leave the children unattended while getting security was a little out there. They aren't toddlers. And even if they were, how far is it to the front door. Give me a break, please. Kai said in every interview that the children didn't go upstairs. Before Kai's interviews the leak was that that they had. That entire leak might have been a little mixed up but I always thought there was an element of truth to it and so there was. She lied. Why?

  7. The chef, securities, and the doctor were all hired by AEG, and some entity is behind the scene to plan out all of this. We want justice!!

  8. its a pleasure reading all these informative things.

    Janine Zargar