Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Justice, No Peace

No Justice, No Peace is the non-violence action arm of Michael Jackson's fans fighting for justice in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson. It's actions include, but are not limited to, filing a class action civil complaint naming the unnamed conspirators for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson; filing a motion to motion to move the criminal trial from the state court to the federal court; to put on blast all haters and non-Michael Jackson supporters, with full intentions to NOT support anyone on this list; and lastly, to plan, activate and impliment boycotts for persons, products and companies that do not help in the cause of fighting for justice in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.

Enough has been said about fighting for Justice for Michael Jackson. It is time for action. It is time to take a stand and do something about the wrongful death of Michael Jackson for the following reasons: 1) Conrad Murray is getting away with murder. The courts fail to take away the license of the doctor that murdered the greatest entertainer that has ever lived. Murray's negligence was so erroneous that he should NOT be allowed to practice medicine until the criminal case has been resolved.

This is our last time to take a stand. Michael Jackson is not around to fight this battle. While he fought in 1993, we stood still and did nothing. While he was fighting for his life in 2003, we stood still and still did nothing. Now, if we don't take a stand, his murderer will get away scott free.

It's time for action. Michael Jackson fans are already united worldwide. There is strenght in numbers and we intend to show the powers that be, that we want justice. If we don't get justice, there will be no peace. We are nonviolent, and do not propose any violence whatsoever. We stand behind Michael's convictions to love, peace, and to heal the world starting with the man in the mirror. It doesn't matter whether we're black or white. We stand as human beings. Joining armies of love worldwide. Feeding the hungry, caring about the planet, social injustices and have a great love for children.

Our first mission is to fight for justice. Our second mission is to clear Michael Jackson's name. Future missions include recognizing Michael Jackson haters and nonsupporters and putting them on our own list of non-support and asking fans worldwide to NOT support them, their product and whatever they promote or advertise.

It's time out for talk. Its time for action! No justice, no peace....!