Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michaelgate: The Movie (Aug 2014 Release)



We know that if Michael Jackson was really a child molester, he would have NEVER walked free from the courtroom in 2005 after being charged with 14 counts of child molestation and abuse. In 1993, after being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff, the Los Angeles LAPD, the Santa Barbara Sheriffs, the Santa Barbara LAPD and, we later learned after his death, there was an FBI probe, he was exonerated of all accusations of child molestation from 1993 and 2003.

Michaelgate is the movie that tells the true story about the high profile book, “Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation (2004) book that published in 2004. Information that has never come to the public’s attention, such as “Michael Jackson NEVER paid the $20 million dollar settlement,” unfolds in a mystery high intense dramatic motion picture movie. Michaelgate is told through the eyes of the legal secretary, Geraldine Hughes, who worked for Evan Chandler’s attorney in 1993 and witnessed the chain of events that led to the false allegation. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Geraldine Hughes said she witnessed an elaborate extortion scheme against Michael Jackson. The public thought it was a case of child molestation, but behind the scenes it was all about extortion. When Michael Jackson refused to give Evan Chandler $20 million to make a movie, he launched the false allegation of child molestation solely to ruin Michael Jackson's career and so that he could get paid.


Now that we are past the shock of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, and past the conviction of Conrad Murray, it is time to protect Michael Jackson’s legacy by clearing his name for once and for all. It is not too late to know the truth. Justice demands truth. We have heard the lies, the hype, millions of dollars were made promulgating the suspicion that Michael Jackson was a child molester, but when the verdict was read in 2005 exonerating him of all charges, no one came forward to tell what really happened.

Michaelgate begins with the verdicts being read in the 2005 trial where Michael Jackson was exonerated on all 12 charges. It then goes to the beginning of the summer of the 1993 allegation when a legal secretary, Geraldine Hughes, began working with Barry Rothman who was Evan Chandler's attorney and father of Jordy Chanlder (the 1993 accuser). What appeared to be a custody battle turned out to be an elaborate extortion scheme to get custody of Jordy Chandler so that he could carry out his plot against Michael Jackson. Step-by-step in Michaelgate you will learn facts that were never told, such as “Michael Jackson never paid the $20 million settlement money, it was paid for by his insurance company.”

Michaelgate, once told, will clear Michael Jackson's name of the horrific child molestation allegations that continue to be told today. Michaelgate will also highlight current events that happened after the 2005 trial when Michael Jackson left the country, prepared for the 02 Concert, and the untimely death of the greatest entertainer of all times.

Michaelgate will dramatically tell the events from Geraldine Hughes’ eyes from inside the accuser's camp. Facts that have never been revealed, stories that have never been told, but when the final scene is played, it will prove Michael Jackson's innocence. Geraldine Hughes will share letters that she personally typed, conversations that she heard from behind closed doors, and secret meetings that took place right inside her attorney's office. While the media hype was saying Michael Jackson was a child molester worldwide, events will be highlighted that proves otherwise. In the midst of revealing the evil plot against Michael Jackson, Michaelgate will also reveal the humanitarian deeds of Michael Jackson that continued worldwide even though he was fighting for his life.

All the characters that played a role in the extortion scheme will be brought to life from behind the scenes and, for the first time, you will hear what she heard, see what she saw, and know what Geraldine has always known, exactly how Michael Jackson was framed. Characters such as Evan Chandler (father), Jordy Chandler (accuser), Barry Rothman (accuser), Anthony Pelicano (investigator), Johnnie Cochran (lawyer), June & David Schwartz (step mom & father), and Thomas Sneddon (the prosecutor) all played a vital role in why Michael Jackson was forced to settle the $20 million dollar civil lawsuit, and other facts concerning the “secret meeting,” “surprise motion,” “third party disclosure,” “what happened when the child molestation allegations launched,” “the civil litigation details from inside the courtroom,” “the extortion charge,” and “a close look at Michael Jackson, the humanitarian.”

The plot thickens when Michael Jackson refuses to be blackmailed and pay Evan Chandler $20 million dollars that he was requesting. Evan Chandler admits in his own words, “…if I don’t get what I want, I’ll ruin Michael Jackson in any devious, nasty and cruel way possible. I’ve hired someone and they are waiting for my instructions.”
After the criminal investigation of Michael Jackson could not prove one credible evidence of molestation from the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, the Santa Barbara Police Department, the Santa Barbara Sheriff Department, and even an FBI probe, Michael Jackson still suffered through a civil lawsuit which was only about money. Michael Jackson settled the civil lawsuit, although nothing ever happened criminally because they did not have enough evidence to charge him.

After the civil lawsuit settled, all of the evidence collected, including information given by Geraldine Hughes to the investigator, went nowhere. Only the accusers who plotted the extortion scheme and Geraldine Hughes who stumbled upon the truth knows what really happened, but the accusers went silent after the settlement money was paid. Even the extortion charge was ordered to be dropped as a part of the settlement.

Geraldine Hughes has contended since 1993 that Michael Jackson was innocent all along. She also has been consoling millions of Michael Jackson's fans since 2004 that God was on Michael Jackson's side all along since 1993 because God gave Michael Jackson something that he didn't give any of his accusers; a witness!

In loving memory of Michael Jackson and to protect his legacy, it is time for the real story to be told. We all sat back and let Michael Jackson be persecuted in 1993 and 2003. Now is the time for us to stand up and defend the greatest entertainer, the greatest humanitarian, and a loving father who loved children all over the world.

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