Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Manslaughter: The Final Slap in Michael Jackson's Face

The whole world is outraged at the single charge of manslaughter that has finally been brought against Conrad Murray in the death of the most popular entertainer and humanitarian that has ever lived, Michael Jackson.

In 1993, Michael Jackson was charged with a false allegation of child abuse. The charge itself was preposterous, but the investigation and interrogation that pursued was inhumane, including the body search that required Michael Jackson to strip naked and have his private body parts photographed and examined. While Michael Jackson's attorneys were vigorously fighting to lawfully prove his innocence, the prosecutor used every unethical tactic he could find. The court system also allowed the accuser's greed hungry father to file a civil lawsuit while the criminal investigation was ongoing. This breached Michael Jackson's constitutional right to a fair hearing and forced Michael Jackson to settle the civil lawsuit.

In 2003, Michael Jackson was charged, once again, at the hands of the same vindictive prosecutor whose only goal was to cause Michael Jackson worldwide humiliation. Arresting and putting Michael Jackson in handcuffs like a common criminal was his primary goal. Breaking him financially and causing him so much pain and suffering was secondary. The charges were bogus, manufactured, the accuser's were fraudulent and money hungry, and when the trial concluded, there was not enough credible evidence to have caused the indictment against Michael Jackson in the first place. Yet, millions of taxpayers dollars were spent, the entire world saw the incompetence of the United States judicial system and he only succeeded in destroying people's confidence in America's justice system.

Now, in 2009, the world mourned the loss of the greatest entertainer and humanitarian that has ever lived. The coroner's report ruled early on that Michael Jackson's death was a homicide. However, it took the authorities 8 months to finally bring charges against Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, citing that they wanted to be thorough in their investigation. But several months later Michael Jackson's personal security guards were still waiting to talk to investigators, and there are still key people that have valuable facts that can prove the charge of murder, instead of manslaughter.

On February 8, 2010, Conrad Murray freely walked into the courthouse to answer to a single charge of manslaughter and, to everyone's knowledge, freely walked out. His bails bondman was at the court house to bail him out without him ever seeing the inside of the jail. We are told that Conrad Murray was booked and fingerprinted, but cannot confirm how and when it was done.

Conrad Murray received special treatment for killing Michael Jackson. He is being represented by the best criminal defense attorney involving Propofol while stating that he is broke. He is allowed to continue practicing medicine, but not to use Propofol. He gave police two different timelines about his actions the early morning of Michael Jackson's death. We call that lying, but his attorney calls it a mistake. Conrad Murray lied to the paramedics about the drugs he gave Michael Jackson, completely eliminating the drug Propofol, which was later ruled as the cause of his death. He lied and said he gave Michael 25mg which the coroner's report stated it was so much Propofol in Michael's system that it was detected behind his eyes. He refused to sign Michael Jackson's death certificate and insisted that the paramedics take Michael's body to the hospital, even though they concluded that Michael was already dead upon their arrival and even hours before.

It has now been revealed that Conrad Murray halted CPR on Michael Jackson in order to hide and collect drug vials at the scene. After eight months of investigation, why is this new information? Either the real facts are known and are being concealed, or they are not known due to improper investigation.

Inside sources have verified that Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson Propofol and left the premises to meet with a call girl the early morning hours before his death. It is believed that he found Michal Jackson dead upon his return and this is the reason for all the lies. Manslaughter is the act of causing some one's death unintentionally without malice. If Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson Propofol and left the premises, leaving him completely unattended, his pre-meditated and intentional actions warrant the charge of 2nd degree murder.

Once again there seems to be a blatant disregard for Michael Jackson's life? The man responsible for causing Michael Jackson harm is once again being rewarded. Michael Jackson has been stripped of many things, including his dignity, pride, constitutional rights, honor, character, good name, money, property and good works, but the final slap in Michael Jackson's face is being played out worldwide once again. Conrad Murray's pre-meditated and intentional acts caused the death of the greatest entertainer and humanitarian that has ever lived. We failed to give Michael Jackson justice in his lifetime, but we seek justice in his death. If the single charge of manslaughter is not changed and Conrad Murray receives the minimum punishment for his pre-meditated negligence, this will be the final slap in Michael Jackson's face.

We are asking for a grand jury investigation hearing to be convened immediately for the charge of manslaughter to be changed to 2nd degree murder against Conrad Murray.

Justice for Michael Campaign