Monday, February 22, 2010

Conrad Murder vs. Manslaughter

Conrad Murray needs to tell the truth. If the truth was known about what really happend the early morning hours before Michael Jackson died, he should be charged with murder, not manslaughter. The truth is, Conrad Murray left the premises completely after putting Michael Jackson under propofol to meet with a call girl. When he returned, it is speculated that Michael Jackson was already dead. Everything he did afterwards was to cover his tracks. He has given two timelines. He told the police that he gave Michael the propofol at 10:40 a.m. and when he returned from the bathroom at 10:50, he found Michael not breathing and immediately begain CPR. However, the problem with that story is that the 911 call was not made until 12:21 p.m. Then his girlfriend told police that she was talking to Murray at 12:05 p.m. and at approx. 12:13 p.m. he dropped the phone and was doing CPR on Michael. The problem with this alibi (from his girlfriend) is that at 9:00 a.m. Murray's employees in Texas was removing boxes from the storage, and the paramedic stated that when they arrived at 12:30, MJ appeared to had been dead for hours. They would have, under normal circumstances, taken Michael to the coroner's office, but Murray insisted that they take him to the hospital.

If Murray was telling the truth, then why is he lying, why did he change his timeline, and why was he on the phone during the time Michael was under propofol. Another fact was that Murray had the heater turned up so high in Michael's room, that the paramedics called it swealthering, when Michael hated sleeping in the heat. He slept with his bedroom window fully opened and would not let anyone close it.

It is my guess that he gave Michael Jackson a lot of propofol to keep him sedated long enough to go out and come back. When the propofol wears off, that is when the person wakes up. Therefore, because he was going to meet with a call girl, he wanted to make sure that Michael Jackson remained sleep until he returned. That's why he gave him so much and the coroner's office confirmed that Michael was swimming in propofol. He didn't bet on him dying because he is a Cardiologist, not an Anesthesiologist. Therefore, putting people under is not his area of specialty.

For the reasons stated above, Conrad Murder (Murray) should be charged with murder, not manslaughter. There are enough facts and evidence to prove that all though he acted recklessly, his actions were so negligent that it should be considered murder.