Saturday, January 8, 2011

Conrad Murder Left the Premises...

It is my contention that Conrad Murder's defense is a complete lie and that the truth about how Michael Jackson died has not yet been revealed. I have been saying since the beginning that Conrad Murder gave Michael Jackson a large dose of propofol to keep him sedated so he could leave the premises to meet with a call girl. When he returned, Michael Jackson was already dead. Everything Conrad Murray did the morning of 6/25/09 was staged, a lie and designed to make us believe he was trying to save Michael Jackson when, in fact, he was already dead.

Corroborating Testimony from the Preliminary Hearing

The testimony of Michael Jackson's security, Michael Amir, Faheen Muhammed and Alberto Alvarez painted the timeline when they brought Michael Jackson back to the Carrolwood address after his rehearsal at the Staple's Center (approx. 1:00 am). They all testified that they went home after making sure Michael was home and after a short debriefing session.

Conrad Murray was already there when Michael arrived, and no one was at the residence except Michael's children. All the staff was gone, with the exception of overnight security. I have also been told that Michael's overnight security had a tendancy to fall asleep and guests having to leave his residence after 1 a.m. would have to be wakened by Michael Jackson to escort them off the premises. For purposes of this scenario, let's say that the overnight security was sleep when Conrad Murray left (sometime after 2 am).

Conrad Murray had to put Michael under a large dose of propofol to keep him sleep long enough for him to leave and return without Michael knowing he left. Therefore, instead of the 25mg (which would only last a little while and when it dripped out, Michael would wake), he put a large dosage of propofol in the IV bag and allowed it to free flow into Michael's body, thereby keeping him sleep until he returned. The coroner's report proved that Michael had so much propofol in his body that he was swimming in it. Alberto Alvarez confirmed that when he went to assist Murray, he saw a white milky substance in the IV bag.

According to Nicole Alvarez' testimony, Murray lives at her Santa Monica residence when he is in the Los Angeles area, and while working with Michael Jackson. Murray also used her address to ship the propofol from Vegas. My contention that Murray went to visit a call girl turns out to be his baby's mother. Santa Monica is not that far from the Carrolwood address and it is possible that Murray frequently visited her while leaving Michael unattended at the Carrolwood address.

The testimony from the paramedic proves that Michael Jackson was already dead. According to the paramedic, Michael's eyes were fully dialated, his eyes were dry, he was flatlined, had no pulse, and his hands and feet were already turning blue. The paramedic said on the stand that Michael was dead at least 20 minutes to 1 hour. However, at the scene (and off the record), he stated that Michael had been dead at least 4 hours.

The telephone records expert from AT&T provided a timeline on the phone calls and text messages that Murray made. Murray's phone activities started the morning of 6/25/09 at 6:29 a.m. with a text message being made from Murray to Texas and the next text message was made at 8:26 from Texas to Murray. His second cel phone logged calls being made beginning at 7:01 a.m. from Murray to Vegas; 8:49 a.m. from Vegas to Murray; and 10:22 from Texas to Murray. The expert that took the stand on Friday showed who the calls were made from and to. He made a call to his girlfriend in Vegas, and to patients in Texas. There were a series of calls made from 11:07 a.m. until the 12:12 call that was made to his Vegas girlfriend (who was on the line for only 5 minutes before dropping the phone and she was able to verify some sort of emergency taking place on the other end of the phone). ALSO KNOWN AS HIS ALIBI!

I contend that the series of calls was Murray staging his alibi. I believe that Michael was already dead when Murray returned to the residence. I believe that he attempted to revive Michael's life, but due to the time elapse, his efforts were futal. Beginning at 6:29 a.m. Murray began making phone calls to Texas. Its a known fact that Murray instructed his Texas staff to remove boxes from storage. He then made a series of calls to his patients to prove that nothing was wrong during those hours. Then he made a call to his girlfriend in Vegas (probably without her knowledge) to stage his alibi. He already knew that during this call he would drop the phone, create an emergency situation and establish that as the time Michael stopped breathing. This gave Murray an alibi and a witness.

BOMBSHELL! If you wonder why am I so sure about what I've stated above. I know for a fact that Michael was seeking to replace Conrad Murray from being his doctor. He specifically said "I need someone that will monitor me." I believe Michael knew Murray was leaving him unmonitored. I believe he was going back and forth to the Santa Monica residence and would return before morning. The morning of 6/25/09, when Murray returned to Michael's residence, he found Michael Jackson already dead. Everything else was a lie, staged events and alibis.

Nothing Murray has done, nor said thusfar has been the truth. If Conrad Murray's statement of facts were true, then why has he lied about everything else and continues to lie. You only have to lie when you are covering up the truth. If Michael stopped breathing during the timeline that he states, then couldn't a cardiovascular doctor revive him? He couldn't revive Michael because when he returned to the house, Michael was already dead.


  1. Dear Ms. Hugues,

    God Bless you for defending Michael Jackson since 1993 through his darkest hours.

    The horrible scenario you described might be indeed valid meaning "Dr" Murray would be the sole responsible for Michael's death. Is there any way you can testify your own suspicions to the Justice ? at least I DO hope so.

    However to this day I personally also have strong doubts about Sony & AEG because of Michael's ATV catalog : don't you think there maybe another entity behind C. Murray murder ?

    The Truth may not bring us Michael back but I do hope the TRUTH will prevail in order to for me find some peace & further trust Justice.

  2. Thank you Geraldine! If he was going to be replaced then that gives him motive to kill Michael. If he had gone out and came back and Michael was dead then he could have called 911 right then. He chose to wait because it was premeditated. He wanted to be sure they could not bring Michael back to life. I believe every word you said.

  3. If this is true and he indeed leave the house more than once, surely some security or staff at some point would have seen him leave or come back even on another day, there is no way you can get n and out of that residence with help of someone opening that gate. There is no free in and out, plus there was sometimes people outside that residence at odd hours watching too, like fans and/or media.

    Another thing is fans testimonies of that night was that there was an odd number of security in that home that night, they counted at least 13 people there, that is another troubling piece of this puzzle.

  4. That totally makes sense. Everything adds up.

    That alibi call - there were voices in the background. So there were already others in the room, clearing up evidence! Who??

    I wonder why the paramedic testified that he thinks Michael had died only 20-60 mins ago? Surely one's eyes don't dry out in 20 mins?

  5. Why is no one coming forward with evidence to corroborate this theory? Don't you think they would have come forward by now? I don't know Geraldine you have to have proof to make this allegation stick and there is none.

  6. It is so interesting how that man is still able to continue with his medical practice, after everything that happened that awful day. I believe, and have always declared that Michael Jackson never did what people said, and continue to say negatively regarding those children. The reason I know that, is because whatever is inside of a person always comes out in their ways and actions. Michael was ALWAYS had a kind nature, only wanting to show love to everyone. And he was not a dumb man, either.

    I am continuing to pray and believe that God will take full control of this, that everyone involved will be revealed and dealt with. It is so interesting how the one true artist who put others before himself, helping so many all over the world, was treated so unfairly because of it. Why is it that, as long as a person goes around cursing at others, treating or speaking and badly about others, they are more accepted, than someone who genuinely wants to live by the 'golden rule'? I hate that you are not able to have access to the hearing, but I DO know who can be. His eyes are in EVERY PLACE, beholding the evil and the good! At the end of the day, HE is the One True Judge!

    I am believing that God will truly take over and work this whole thing out in the right way. In the meantime, I want to thank you for being a strong testament of what standing up for what is right looks like.

    May God continue to bless and keep you safely in Him!

  7. "The coroner's report proved that Michael had so much propofol in his body that he was swimming in it."
    This is absolutely chilling. Thanks for your posts.

  8. wow excellent,we knew michael was dead for a long time so very sad!! i mis michael he didnt deserve that!

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  10. I am so sure that they called 911 only after they knew there would be no way to bring Michael back to life. This is totally a murder!!

    and I believe there were at least more than 100 people involving in his death, all down to one word: money. Justice will be served, because there is only one thing those devils can't mess with, the justice.