Friday, January 7, 2011

I Regret to Inform You...

It is my regret to inform the entire Jackson fan community that I will no longer be inside the court room! As many of you know, my intentions since releasing Redemption was to bring the truth to the fans that want to hear it. I have supported Michael Jackson's innocence since 1993 and the Jackson family since 2003. When Michael settled the case and the information went nowhere, I decided in 1997 to write Redemption for the sole purpose of letting the fans and fanbase know the truth. I promote Redemption wherever the fans are because they tried to block the fans from getting Redemption when it first released. My quest now, in loving memory of Michael Jackson and for the sake of his children, is to protect Michael's legacy, and to make sure the world knows the truth through whatever forum necessary.

I respect concerns to have no one speak to the press without permission, but feel it is my duty as a citizen of the United States of America to exercise my freedom of speech in this case. I also respect concerns that public speaking might jeopardize the case, but the law is not based on public statements. It is based on facts, evidence and proof. Public statements sway public opinion. When you let a negative statement go unchallenged without a rebuttal, then the public believes the negative. (That is what happened in 2003 when Michael was going to trial and no one was rebutting the negative press. Everyone was shocked to learned that Michael was acquitted on all charges, when he was actually winning the case from the very first prosecution witness -- but no one was saying so).

Michael Jackson allowed me to speak publicly on his behalf in 2003/2004 because he knew that I had the ears and eyes of the fans and was fully persuaded that I believed in his innocence. Michael Jackson was the one that gave me permission to use his photo as a cover on Redemption without question and when I needed help promoting Redemption, while they were trying to block it, Michael sent word to me to seek the assistance of polititians and entertainers. Jesse Jackson was the first to break the news about Redemption to Chicago in 2003 when he flew me to do a press conference. Jermaine Jackson called me to do an interview with MSNBC's Dan Abrams. ABC, NBC, Fox News, Rita Crosby, Jeraldo, Scarsborough Country, Access Hollywood, 20/20, and even Bill O'Rielly had no problem with me supporting Michael's innocence publicly.

The Jackson Truth was designed to bring the truth because the press picks and chooses what it reports. We wanted a positive channel of getting the truth to the fanbase, using positive people, fans that wasn't caught up in back biting and hurting other fans and who would keep Michael Jackson's loving legacy alive.

As much as I respect these wishes, I cannot be silenced. I have invested too much of my life (since 1993) in getting the truth out about one of the most wonderful human beings that has ever lived, Michael Jackson. I feel that God has put me in place and no man can put me assunder. I don't have to be inside the court house to know what really happened. I already know what Conrad Murray did and its not involuntary manslaughter; its murder! I just want to make sure that the truth is told and true justice is served.

I wish we could all work together, because together we stand and divided we fall. There has definitely been a lot of division in Michael Jackson's fan base. When I look outside of the court house and see no fans, no supporters and that there is only a handfull of fans on the 9th floor fighting to get inside, it saddens my heart. True loving and supportive Michael Jackson fans have backed away because of the fueding amongst other fans. I never thought I would see the day when so-called MJ fans would fight and claw to keep other fans from supporting. I never though I would see the day when true supporters would be banned from the court house. That wasn't the case in 2003, but this is 2011 and Michael Jackson is no longer here.

I regret to inform you that the tide has changed. Can we all work together to protect Michael Jackson's loving legacy? God says in the Bible that, "you know my sheep by their love." Michael Jackson loved God and lived according to His principles. If you love Michael Jackson we should see God (not the devil) in you too!

Geraldine Hughes


  1. This is so sad :(( Michael Jackson's fans has divided because they belong to 2 groups now: believers and non-believers. How it all started i don't know! That's my belief.

  2. Geraldine, this saddens me deeply. For all that you've done, for all that I know you will continue to do, know that there are countless people who not only respect and admire you but stand with you, shoulder to virtual shoulder, in the quest to bring justice to Michael's name, legacy and memory.

    God bless you, today and always. May justice prevail.


  3. So you have been banned from court bcse of your public comments about the hearing? Is this correct?

  4. so sad to read that Geraldine :(
    I understand what u mean, but marijab.85 is right this is beacause fans are divided in believers and not believers.
    I love MJ so much and i miss him so much :(

  5. Geraldine, God bless you for your continued love for Michael.

  6. Amen, sister. Very sad. I don't know what's going on and sometimes it's a good thing not to know. I do know that I believe in the same ruling, reigning and risen Christ as Michael. There is too much evilness in motion and this should not be. I stick to "Advocacy" and "Vindication" to which many fans try to talk against that. This won't work and that won't work. I don't argue with anyone. God has called us to "LOVE" and that is what we saw in Michael.

    He used his gift to bring people together. If people are not together then that is the evidence that they are not operating in LOVE. For one thing there is too many special picks and choices among the who's WHO. This is not for entertainment or some kind of sport. A wonderful person has been taken away from us. That is where our focus should be and what can we do to make things better.

    I didn't mean to preach a sermon. Again, I don't know what's going on and why there is such a major division in the fanbase; but I pray that everything will work itself out and peace shall, once again, abound. MORE LOVE.

  7. Could you state why and who banned you?

  8. So sad to hear this but not surprised at all as all I have seen this far even all of those that call themselves true fans have started very heavily to use Michael’s name in all of their dos to in the end just bring fame to themselves! If Michael was alive this would have not happened as he would have never allowed it! And I hate to also say this but a lot of this animosity is mostly only here in the USA! In the rest of the world fans are very much united! No wonder Michael felt more home abroad than in his own county!

  9. I am so sorry for you Geraldine and so very proud of you and your stand for Michael. God bless you from all of us true Soldiers of L.O.V.E in the United Kingdom. Thank you for representing us and for sharing the truth with us.

  10. Very well said MJ, very well said!
    God bless you, Geraldine. In the short time we met and spent together at that late breakfast back in June of this year, I felt true LOVE and sincere CARING in your heart. Even more after reading your book, and there is no faking the kind of love for Michael & commitment to justice which I have seen in you over the last year and a half. I have personally read about and felt the division(s) among the fans. I never get into the disputes, and those who know me, know this fact, but I finally had enough and wrote about it. I had to get my feelings out. It saddens me to my core, as I know it would sadden Michael emincely. Geraldine, please keep up the fight, you are a true warrior for Justice for MJ and we must not give up, no matter how much the "DIVISIONARIES" push and push...we must stand as one. ONE LOVE...ONE TRIBE. Blessings and Much MUCH L.O.V.E. Always, Pam

    To marijab, There is much more division in the MJJ Fanbase, than just Believers & is a shameful and devastating situation. Blessings to you, MJ Sister!

  11. Michael would want you there:(

  12. Mrs. Hughes, I just want to say how very sorry I am for the treatment you received. You of all people should be there. I know Michael would want you there. I know this will not detour you. My sista, stay strong and know; we love you and support you. Yes the fan community is in turmoil, but not all is lost. Many are united for one common goal Justice for Michael and our love for Michael will one day unite us forever. Sending you major L.O.V.E.

  13. Thanks a lot for your commitment for Michael Geraldine. I read your book and admire your courageous writing. I wish your present message can be heard. I often send my love and support to two commited fans who are there and have to suffer from this strange situation between fans. I know how great their work is to keep us informed of what is going on and to help justice for Michael prevail. Much L.O.V.E. to you.

  14. Those devils are laughing at us and making big money out of the death of our beloved one, Michael. We need someone like you to be our eye and ear for us and Michael. Please!!! Does that means you were banned from getting to court room? Thank you for all you have done for us and Michael for all these years. We want truth and justice for Michael Jackson!!

  15. ' Michael Jackson's fans has divided because they belong to 2 groups now:'- marijab.85 i know you are right, because i sat behind my computer summer last year- december 2010 crying for just the reason you say. I saw unfold on my facebook wall a once united loving fanbase who only thought of Michael and the love he shared with us all, turn into what can be described has nothing but vicious disrespect for the very same fans who say the words 'I love mj' and who stood outside the courthouse in 2003,(Has the fanbase turned into those who was outside court are the TRUE fans against those who could't or didn't?) I hope it isn't the case, would be very sad if it was! Or is it those who are believers against non believers? (what's that all about anyway, because i am confused)??

    Personally It started on my facebook one day last summer, suddenly went quiet, i couldn;t work out why these loving fans had suddenly changed not only in opinion but their actions too. Thought it was facebook, no it was the start of the divide on my facebook has i know it today. Who started it i don't know, where it started i don't know but i realized something wasn't right when the love turned to disagreements to dare i say hate for each other to the point of fans beating other fans. Personally i chose to have nothing to do with the divide or the fanbase, i will keep my faith on the truth prevailing and not get led into confusion or hate, which some of the fanbase are hellbent on doing to others. I was left with the impression of 'we love mj more'..who are 'we'? no idea! I thought 'we' was all of us, we ALL LOVE MJ, ALL generations and the generations of children and adults who just found mj's love, all that keep michael jackson in our hearts, who fight to protect Michael's legacy, to carry on where michael left off giving to charity, to keep michael's legacy alive forever. It seems i was wrong to think that way when michael's fans unite it means michael's fans are also divided! Am i wrong to think that? Someone convince me otherwise please. I closed my facebook and refuse to have any involvement in the fanbase, deleted my accounts from the various mj boards i had joined and re-joined over 2 half years ago, (just the same has i did when michael came to uk and was pushed/ knocked to the ground)by some of the very fans who call themselves 'True mj fans' sorry but i am still disgusted and hurt even many years later...! I thought being many years later that fans would be different today, that we would now unite as one, i was wrong. I don't like to add anybody to my page and very rarely comment on blogs. Gereldine i was on your fb page right from day one, i thanked you back then for bringing the truth to us all via Redemption, and i plead with you to ask yourself the question 'What would MJ do?' If in the situation with the fanbase you have disgustingly found yourself in has many of us have over the past year also .

    I would like to think that MJ would continue to bring the truth to those fans who want the truth,. We need you to do that for us,! please.

    Much love