Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Message II Michael - Single/Video

Author Geraldine Hughes under Sister Christian Productions will be releasing a single and video tribute to the late Michael Jackson called "Message II Michael." This single is an inspirational tribute dedicated to Michael Jackson and made to comfort the hearts of millions of his grieving fans worldwide. It is scheduled to be released on Michael Jackson's one year anniversary of his death in June 2010. The Message II Michael video will be shot in London, with London Gospel Choir, to be released in August 2010.

Proceeds of this project will go towards benefiting Open Door Skidrow Ministry, a sidewalk ministry that holds service three nights per week and feeds homecooked meals to homeless men, women and homeless veterans.

Seeking singers, musicians, recording studios and engineers willing to volunteer their talent for this project. Also seeking a record label and an investor willing to sponsor this project.


  1. This sounds like a beautiful, heartfelt project. I hope you get all of the support necessary. The release dates are very appropriate & I think Michael would be appreciative of the proceeds going to such a good cause.

  2. I WANT TO HELP!!!
    I am a singer, pianist, songwriter and have access to very good studios!
    Unfortunately I live on the other side of the world... but I don't mind working by correspondence :P being involved in a project that is a tribute to Michael would be such an honor!
    Please visit to see what I do.
    Thank you!