Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MichaelGate: The Conspiracy Theories

Michaelgate: The Conspiracy Theories (2005) is author Geraldine Hughes' second book. It talks about the 2003 child molestation allegation against King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and all the suspected conspiracies surrounding it. MichaelGate addresses issues concerning the Beattles' catalog, the Santa Barbara property, and why the media failed to accurately report that Michael Jackson was winning the case from the very beginning.

In loving memory of Michael Jackson, his family and children, Geraldine Hughes has added a final chapter surrounding Michael Jackson's death conspiracy and in it she exposes how Michael Jackson really died. Information that could only come from an inside source.

MichaelGate will be released in March 2010. Presales will be available in February 2010.


  1. This will be interesting reading. It will be even more interesting to see if any of these conspiracy theories end up proven or if they even can be proven.

  2. Where can this book be purchased? I can't find any information.

  3. It's not released yet. I will update release information as soon as it is available.

  4. You must be very confident in your sources if you dare to publish this before the trial. I hope you will also look into the conspiracies leading up to this, by Sony and AEG. Just look at the AEG contract for starters!

  5. Good Evening Ms. Hughes,

    I am wondering and hoping that prayerfully you can get on alot of the major networks because it will help so much. I am thinking on the Christian cable channels such as TBN and the Word Network. They have alot of people who were fans I'm sure of Michael.

    It would help to possibly talk with someone who wrote for the Jackson Five like Clifton Davis and Pastor Andre Crouch who was working with MJ before his passing last June. Also, I hope that you can get on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Ellen because I believe that Ellen appears to be a fairminded person.

  6. Hello Ms. Hughes,
    I'm wondering how your new book, "MichaelGate: The Conspiracy Theories" is going and when it is expected to be released, plus how to purchase the book when it is released. Thank you!

  7. Hi Ms Hughes,

    When is your book out?

    I look forward to your response. Thank you.