Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conrad Murder Trial Update - August 23, 2010

The murder trial for Conrad Murray convened today at 12:30 p.m. Katherine & Joseph Jackson arrived together with Rebbie Jackson. Randy Jackson arrived late and had to stand in the back with the baliffs.

The Judge set a date for the beginning of the preliminary hearing for January 4, 2011at 12:30 pm. He also set a status date for October 26, 2010, for any motions to be heard or any issues that need to be resolved before the preliminary hearing. The judge did not want to violate the chain of custody, but the defense wanted to reexam before the fluids either turned up missing, destroyed or its integrity is lessened.

The attorneys for the medical board were present. Conrad Murray's attorneys filed a motion requesting to re-test three fluids of Michael Jackson's with a positive result. The judge asked them to work out this request amongst themselves, including the coroner's office, but make sure that it is resolved before the next hearing of Oct. 26th.

The judge also said that the reason for continuing the preliminary hearing until January was because there were still outstanding issues regarding discovery, documents and witness availability.

A VOICE FOR MICHAEL: It is my personal opinion that they are dragging their feet. Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. The preliminary hearing won't start for almost two years after his death. I think this is absurd! They are dragging this case along hoping that it will lose steam in the media, with the fans so that it can be swept under the rug. Enough is enough. We need to request that this case be moved from the state court to the Federal criminal court. While they are dragging their feet, Conrad Murray is vacationing, practicing his medicine as usual, when his license should have been revoked, his bail should have been set at $3million dollars and his charge should be 1st degree murder.


  1. Absolutely agree with you, Gerladine. But how can we move this case to another state?

    Thank you

  2. this sickens me to no end. when and where can this happen except in this state? it would be great if this case can be moved to another state. it seems Mj s case cannot be taken seriously here at all. When will this come to any resolve? it s been 14 months.. and there are more questions than answers.There must be someone who knows something.. who has seen something.. there is definitely a huge cover up going on.. for many many years ... what injustice! totally sickening...

  3. Geraldine , what can we do , it is unbelievable that they have done nothing to Conrad Murry , i am truly scared at the way this is going , that Murry is going to walk , and there is no reason in this world that they can justify that , but im scared they will figure a way . we need a attorney to repentance us the fans with the evidence we have to have Murry put away . i know of a person who is a true addict and his girl friend died in bed next to him when he was passed out, the drugs she used came from another person , but this guy was just arrested for Murder 2 days ago , she died on Easter, he did not give her the meds that killed nor was he aware of what she was doing , because he was passed out . i guess my point is this guy was arrested for her death ( charged with her Murder) he new the life she lived as he lives the same , as well as everyone else in this town , but they are acting on it , the Justice system just sucks , i have no faith in it , im so sadden buy Michael death , and to see this going on is so wrong , and one more point , on the 23 at the court house there where some supposed MJ fans that conducted them selves in a very poor and shame full way , and i guess this has been going on for awhile ,they are going to make us all look like crazy fans and we will not be take seriously by anyone . thank you Andrea

  4. We don't need to move it to another state. We need to move it from the state court to the federal court.

  5. hi geraldine...can you update all of us on the release of michaelgate and how to purchase this book...thanks lauren