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"Leaving Neverland" Review by Geraldine Hughes Author of Redemption The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation

Geraldine Hughes is the author of "Redemption: The Truth Behind The Child Molestation Allegation" book that released in 2004, and has supported Michael Jackson's innocense since 1993 because she worked for Barry Rothman who represented Evan Chanlder, the father of the 13 year old accuser, and was an eyewitness to the extortion scheme that launched the false allegations of child molestation.

I went to Sundance 2019 to see the HBO Documentary "Leaving Neverland" by Wade Robson & James Safechuck.  After the documentary ended, the audience, which consisted of mainly news reporters & media, applauded the viewing and the Director, Dan Reed, came out on the stage with Wade & Jimmy to do a Q&A of the documentary.

The documentary began by giving detailed information regarding both of their childhood, how they met Michael Jackson and both mother's were in the documentary from start to finish.  The documentary was strategically trying to get you to fall in love with Wade & Jimmy in the very beginning as children by showing a lot of footage of them when young, as well as their lovely mothers.  There was even a grandmother in the film.

Wade & Jimmy began describing the supposed sexual abuse by Michael Jackson he gets extremely detailed, including that MJ kissed his private, stuck his finger in his but and made him kiss his nipples while he ejaculated.  Wade did most of the talking and kept repeating that MJ molested him from age 7 to 14 every time they two were together.

The documentary was in two parts, and each part was 2 hours.  It also showed the height of Wade's career as a choreographer and working with Brittney Spears & N-sinc.  It showed Jimmy's career being a musician and both marrying beautiful wives. The only thing missing from this 4 hour long documentary was the violin music playing as it was obviously brainwashing and influencing its audience into believing that Wade & Jimmy were these two angels who started as cute kids with good careers, lovely wives and families who got taken advantage of by Michael Jackson.

The documentary did not provide current information such as Wade & Jimmy are no longer the cute little boys, but now in their mid to late 30's, that both of their careers were drying up and that a year after Wade's failed attempt get a job working with the MJ's Estate on Michael One they filed a $1.5 billion dollar civil lawsuit against Michael Jackson's Estate for their first claim of child molestation.
The documentary makes it clear that at no time did Wade nor Jimmy tell anyone prior to filing their lawsuit, that they had been molested by Michael Jackson.  In fact, when the 1993 allegations hit from Jordan Chandler surfaced, Jimmy's mother repeatedly asked him if Michael had done anything inappropriate, and Jimmy's response to his mother was "no."

The documentary was careful to incorporate scenes from the 1993 allegation of Jordan Chanlder.  It evens infers that Michael no longer had an interest in them because he supposedly had a new child.  It included the police interrogation of Gavin Arviso's description of the molestation he claimed happened to him. It showed Michael Jackson's arrest and him in handcuffs.

It didn't take long for someone who knows the facts surrounding the two prior accusations from Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arviso, to recognize that the film was painting a one-sided story of child abuse, incorporating only allegations of child molestation and offerring no facts, leading the audience on with subliminal suggestions, using voice messages left by MJ to suggest something cynical when the voice message was innocently saying hello and hope to see you soon.  The documentary spent the entire Part 2 trying to explain why Wade & Jimmy lied about being molested by Michael Jackson under oath two times after being subpoenaed in the 1993 investigation, as well as the 2003 second allegation.

Wade Robson, his mother and sister were MJ's strongest defense witnesses in the 2005 child abuse trial.  Wade testified under oath that "Michael Jackson NEVER molested him."  He went on to say "that if he did, I wouldn't be here right now."  When asked under oath, "was he ever touched by Michael Jackson in a sexual way," Wade's response was "never."

Wade also stated in the documentary that he had a passion to be a film maker since a child.  He said that Michael Jackson told him he would be big one day, even bigger that Spieldman.  I walked away from the screening saying that he has finally made his debut, and that Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck did a great job acting in this documentary.

During the Q&A session that followed, the director Dan Reed said that in the making, he decided to bring their mothers to give the documentary credibility.  Wade Robson said that it was not about the money and that he just wanted to raise awareness to victims voices that haven't been heard.

Well let me conclude by saying that Wade Robson didn't get the money when he applied to be the head choreographer with Michael One (because he falsified his experience and they chose someone else), he didn't get the money when he filed a $1.5 billion dollar lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate because the case was dismissed.  This is, in my opinion, the sleaze bucket way of going after MJ's money by making a false claim of child molestation after 20 years of defending his innocense, using a real life child abuse scenario while incoporating his lie.  I call it sleaze bucket because he is claiming to be a voice for abused children, when in fact he is the abuser, and Michael Jackson, once again, is the victim of vicious lies.

Wade Robson bragged that he is a "master of deception."  Either he lied under oath in 1993 and 2003, or he's lying now.  Either way, he has already proven himself to be a liar, or better yet, a master of deception.

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Michaelgate: The Movie (Aug 2014 Release)



We know that if Michael Jackson was really a child molester, he would have NEVER walked free from the courtroom in 2005 after being charged with 14 counts of child molestation and abuse. In 1993, after being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff, the Los Angeles LAPD, the Santa Barbara Sheriffs, the Santa Barbara LAPD and, we later learned after his death, there was an FBI probe, he was exonerated of all accusations of child molestation from 1993 and 2003.

Michaelgate is the movie that tells the true story about the high profile book, “Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation (2004) book that published in 2004. Information that has never come to the public’s attention, such as “Michael Jackson NEVER paid the $20 million dollar settlement,” unfolds in a mystery high intense dramatic motion picture movie. Michaelgate is told through the eyes of the legal secretary, Geraldine Hughes, who worked for Evan Chandler’s attorney in 1993 and witnessed the chain of events that led to the false allegation. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Geraldine Hughes said she witnessed an elaborate extortion scheme against Michael Jackson. The public thought it was a case of child molestation, but behind the scenes it was all about extortion. When Michael Jackson refused to give Evan Chandler $20 million to make a movie, he launched the false allegation of child molestation solely to ruin Michael Jackson's career and so that he could get paid.


Now that we are past the shock of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, and past the conviction of Conrad Murray, it is time to protect Michael Jackson’s legacy by clearing his name for once and for all. It is not too late to know the truth. Justice demands truth. We have heard the lies, the hype, millions of dollars were made promulgating the suspicion that Michael Jackson was a child molester, but when the verdict was read in 2005 exonerating him of all charges, no one came forward to tell what really happened.

Michaelgate begins with the verdicts being read in the 2005 trial where Michael Jackson was exonerated on all 12 charges. It then goes to the beginning of the summer of the 1993 allegation when a legal secretary, Geraldine Hughes, began working with Barry Rothman who was Evan Chandler's attorney and father of Jordy Chanlder (the 1993 accuser). What appeared to be a custody battle turned out to be an elaborate extortion scheme to get custody of Jordy Chandler so that he could carry out his plot against Michael Jackson. Step-by-step in Michaelgate you will learn facts that were never told, such as “Michael Jackson never paid the $20 million settlement money, it was paid for by his insurance company.”

Michaelgate, once told, will clear Michael Jackson's name of the horrific child molestation allegations that continue to be told today. Michaelgate will also highlight current events that happened after the 2005 trial when Michael Jackson left the country, prepared for the 02 Concert, and the untimely death of the greatest entertainer of all times.

Michaelgate will dramatically tell the events from Geraldine Hughes’ eyes from inside the accuser's camp. Facts that have never been revealed, stories that have never been told, but when the final scene is played, it will prove Michael Jackson's innocence. Geraldine Hughes will share letters that she personally typed, conversations that she heard from behind closed doors, and secret meetings that took place right inside her attorney's office. While the media hype was saying Michael Jackson was a child molester worldwide, events will be highlighted that proves otherwise. In the midst of revealing the evil plot against Michael Jackson, Michaelgate will also reveal the humanitarian deeds of Michael Jackson that continued worldwide even though he was fighting for his life.

All the characters that played a role in the extortion scheme will be brought to life from behind the scenes and, for the first time, you will hear what she heard, see what she saw, and know what Geraldine has always known, exactly how Michael Jackson was framed. Characters such as Evan Chandler (father), Jordy Chandler (accuser), Barry Rothman (accuser), Anthony Pelicano (investigator), Johnnie Cochran (lawyer), June & David Schwartz (step mom & father), and Thomas Sneddon (the prosecutor) all played a vital role in why Michael Jackson was forced to settle the $20 million dollar civil lawsuit, and other facts concerning the “secret meeting,” “surprise motion,” “third party disclosure,” “what happened when the child molestation allegations launched,” “the civil litigation details from inside the courtroom,” “the extortion charge,” and “a close look at Michael Jackson, the humanitarian.”

The plot thickens when Michael Jackson refuses to be blackmailed and pay Evan Chandler $20 million dollars that he was requesting. Evan Chandler admits in his own words, “…if I don’t get what I want, I’ll ruin Michael Jackson in any devious, nasty and cruel way possible. I’ve hired someone and they are waiting for my instructions.”
After the criminal investigation of Michael Jackson could not prove one credible evidence of molestation from the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, the Santa Barbara Police Department, the Santa Barbara Sheriff Department, and even an FBI probe, Michael Jackson still suffered through a civil lawsuit which was only about money. Michael Jackson settled the civil lawsuit, although nothing ever happened criminally because they did not have enough evidence to charge him.

After the civil lawsuit settled, all of the evidence collected, including information given by Geraldine Hughes to the investigator, went nowhere. Only the accusers who plotted the extortion scheme and Geraldine Hughes who stumbled upon the truth knows what really happened, but the accusers went silent after the settlement money was paid. Even the extortion charge was ordered to be dropped as a part of the settlement.

Geraldine Hughes has contended since 1993 that Michael Jackson was innocent all along. She also has been consoling millions of Michael Jackson's fans since 2004 that God was on Michael Jackson's side all along since 1993 because God gave Michael Jackson something that he didn't give any of his accusers; a witness!

In loving memory of Michael Jackson and to protect his legacy, it is time for the real story to be told. We all sat back and let Michael Jackson be persecuted in 1993 and 2003. Now is the time for us to stand up and defend the greatest entertainer, the greatest humanitarian, and a loving father who loved children all over the world.

Hughes Production, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization that feeds the homeless men, women and veterans of Skidrow with spiritual food, as well as hot homecooked meals. Proceeds of the film will be donated to help homeless men and women throughout the nation.

Contact: Geraldine Hughes
Hughes Production, Inc.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Conrad Murder Left the Premises...

It is my contention that Conrad Murder's defense is a complete lie and that the truth about how Michael Jackson died has not yet been revealed. I have been saying since the beginning that Conrad Murder gave Michael Jackson a large dose of propofol to keep him sedated so he could leave the premises to meet with a call girl. When he returned, Michael Jackson was already dead. Everything Conrad Murray did the morning of 6/25/09 was staged, a lie and designed to make us believe he was trying to save Michael Jackson when, in fact, he was already dead.

Corroborating Testimony from the Preliminary Hearing

The testimony of Michael Jackson's security, Michael Amir, Faheen Muhammed and Alberto Alvarez painted the timeline when they brought Michael Jackson back to the Carrolwood address after his rehearsal at the Staple's Center (approx. 1:00 am). They all testified that they went home after making sure Michael was home and after a short debriefing session.

Conrad Murray was already there when Michael arrived, and no one was at the residence except Michael's children. All the staff was gone, with the exception of overnight security. I have also been told that Michael's overnight security had a tendancy to fall asleep and guests having to leave his residence after 1 a.m. would have to be wakened by Michael Jackson to escort them off the premises. For purposes of this scenario, let's say that the overnight security was sleep when Conrad Murray left (sometime after 2 am).

Conrad Murray had to put Michael under a large dose of propofol to keep him sleep long enough for him to leave and return without Michael knowing he left. Therefore, instead of the 25mg (which would only last a little while and when it dripped out, Michael would wake), he put a large dosage of propofol in the IV bag and allowed it to free flow into Michael's body, thereby keeping him sleep until he returned. The coroner's report proved that Michael had so much propofol in his body that he was swimming in it. Alberto Alvarez confirmed that when he went to assist Murray, he saw a white milky substance in the IV bag.

According to Nicole Alvarez' testimony, Murray lives at her Santa Monica residence when he is in the Los Angeles area, and while working with Michael Jackson. Murray also used her address to ship the propofol from Vegas. My contention that Murray went to visit a call girl turns out to be his baby's mother. Santa Monica is not that far from the Carrolwood address and it is possible that Murray frequently visited her while leaving Michael unattended at the Carrolwood address.

The testimony from the paramedic proves that Michael Jackson was already dead. According to the paramedic, Michael's eyes were fully dialated, his eyes were dry, he was flatlined, had no pulse, and his hands and feet were already turning blue. The paramedic said on the stand that Michael was dead at least 20 minutes to 1 hour. However, at the scene (and off the record), he stated that Michael had been dead at least 4 hours.

The telephone records expert from AT&T provided a timeline on the phone calls and text messages that Murray made. Murray's phone activities started the morning of 6/25/09 at 6:29 a.m. with a text message being made from Murray to Texas and the next text message was made at 8:26 from Texas to Murray. His second cel phone logged calls being made beginning at 7:01 a.m. from Murray to Vegas; 8:49 a.m. from Vegas to Murray; and 10:22 from Texas to Murray. The expert that took the stand on Friday showed who the calls were made from and to. He made a call to his girlfriend in Vegas, and to patients in Texas. There were a series of calls made from 11:07 a.m. until the 12:12 call that was made to his Vegas girlfriend (who was on the line for only 5 minutes before dropping the phone and she was able to verify some sort of emergency taking place on the other end of the phone). ALSO KNOWN AS HIS ALIBI!

I contend that the series of calls was Murray staging his alibi. I believe that Michael was already dead when Murray returned to the residence. I believe that he attempted to revive Michael's life, but due to the time elapse, his efforts were futal. Beginning at 6:29 a.m. Murray began making phone calls to Texas. Its a known fact that Murray instructed his Texas staff to remove boxes from storage. He then made a series of calls to his patients to prove that nothing was wrong during those hours. Then he made a call to his girlfriend in Vegas (probably without her knowledge) to stage his alibi. He already knew that during this call he would drop the phone, create an emergency situation and establish that as the time Michael stopped breathing. This gave Murray an alibi and a witness.

BOMBSHELL! If you wonder why am I so sure about what I've stated above. I know for a fact that Michael was seeking to replace Conrad Murray from being his doctor. He specifically said "I need someone that will monitor me." I believe Michael knew Murray was leaving him unmonitored. I believe he was going back and forth to the Santa Monica residence and would return before morning. The morning of 6/25/09, when Murray returned to Michael's residence, he found Michael Jackson already dead. Everything else was a lie, staged events and alibis.

Nothing Murray has done, nor said thusfar has been the truth. If Conrad Murray's statement of facts were true, then why has he lied about everything else and continues to lie. You only have to lie when you are covering up the truth. If Michael stopped breathing during the timeline that he states, then couldn't a cardiovascular doctor revive him? He couldn't revive Michael because when he returned to the house, Michael was already dead.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Regret to Inform You...

It is my regret to inform the entire Jackson fan community that I will no longer be inside the court room! As many of you know, my intentions since releasing Redemption was to bring the truth to the fans that want to hear it. I have supported Michael Jackson's innocence since 1993 and the Jackson family since 2003. When Michael settled the case and the information went nowhere, I decided in 1997 to write Redemption for the sole purpose of letting the fans and fanbase know the truth. I promote Redemption wherever the fans are because they tried to block the fans from getting Redemption when it first released. My quest now, in loving memory of Michael Jackson and for the sake of his children, is to protect Michael's legacy, and to make sure the world knows the truth through whatever forum necessary.

I respect concerns to have no one speak to the press without permission, but feel it is my duty as a citizen of the United States of America to exercise my freedom of speech in this case. I also respect concerns that public speaking might jeopardize the case, but the law is not based on public statements. It is based on facts, evidence and proof. Public statements sway public opinion. When you let a negative statement go unchallenged without a rebuttal, then the public believes the negative. (That is what happened in 2003 when Michael was going to trial and no one was rebutting the negative press. Everyone was shocked to learned that Michael was acquitted on all charges, when he was actually winning the case from the very first prosecution witness -- but no one was saying so).

Michael Jackson allowed me to speak publicly on his behalf in 2003/2004 because he knew that I had the ears and eyes of the fans and was fully persuaded that I believed in his innocence. Michael Jackson was the one that gave me permission to use his photo as a cover on Redemption without question and when I needed help promoting Redemption, while they were trying to block it, Michael sent word to me to seek the assistance of polititians and entertainers. Jesse Jackson was the first to break the news about Redemption to Chicago in 2003 when he flew me to do a press conference. Jermaine Jackson called me to do an interview with MSNBC's Dan Abrams. ABC, NBC, Fox News, Rita Crosby, Jeraldo, Scarsborough Country, Access Hollywood, 20/20, and even Bill O'Rielly had no problem with me supporting Michael's innocence publicly.

The Jackson Truth was designed to bring the truth because the press picks and chooses what it reports. We wanted a positive channel of getting the truth to the fanbase, using positive people, fans that wasn't caught up in back biting and hurting other fans and who would keep Michael Jackson's loving legacy alive.

As much as I respect these wishes, I cannot be silenced. I have invested too much of my life (since 1993) in getting the truth out about one of the most wonderful human beings that has ever lived, Michael Jackson. I feel that God has put me in place and no man can put me assunder. I don't have to be inside the court house to know what really happened. I already know what Conrad Murray did and its not involuntary manslaughter; its murder! I just want to make sure that the truth is told and true justice is served.

I wish we could all work together, because together we stand and divided we fall. There has definitely been a lot of division in Michael Jackson's fan base. When I look outside of the court house and see no fans, no supporters and that there is only a handfull of fans on the 9th floor fighting to get inside, it saddens my heart. True loving and supportive Michael Jackson fans have backed away because of the fueding amongst other fans. I never thought I would see the day when so-called MJ fans would fight and claw to keep other fans from supporting. I never though I would see the day when true supporters would be banned from the court house. That wasn't the case in 2003, but this is 2011 and Michael Jackson is no longer here.

I regret to inform you that the tide has changed. Can we all work together to protect Michael Jackson's loving legacy? God says in the Bible that, "you know my sheep by their love." Michael Jackson loved God and lived according to His principles. If you love Michael Jackson we should see God (not the devil) in you too!

Geraldine Hughes

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Jackson Truth: Preliminary Hearing - Jan 5th, 2011

At today's hearing in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, all of the Jackson female siblings were in court (Janet, LaToya, Rebbie), as well as Randy, Ms. & Mr. Jackson.

The first witness was Alberto Alvarez, which was the security that made the 911 call. Alberto was the first one to go upstairs to see what was going on after Conrad Murray first made the SOS call to Michael Amir. When he went upstairs he said Conrad Murray was outside in the hall, just entering the room at the same time he did. He said Conrad Murray first instructed him to take the viles of medicine from his hands and put into a bag. During this time, Murray was doing CPR on Michael with one hand, and was handing him the medicine with the other hand. He then instructed Alberto to put the medicine in a brown bag that was sitting on a chair. He then instructed Alberto to take down the IV bag. Alberto said there was a milky white substance that still remained in the bottom of the IV bag. Then, after putting away the medicines, Conrad Murray instructed Alberto to call 911. When he called 911, they instructed them to put Michael Jackson on the floor because he was on the bed. The defense tried to protray that Alberto failed to call 911 on his own at one point when he saw the children gathering at the door. He said that his main concern was to protect the children and as he was making that statement, he became choked up with tears.

The next witness was Michael Jackson's chef, Kai Chase. She was a beautiful, very confident witness. She was very professional and expressed that she had worked for Michael only a few months before he died. She never went upstairs in Michael's home because the kitchen was her office and place of business. She stated that her normal routine was to prepare breakfast for the kids, and Michael, around 8 to 8:30 a.m. She said she would prepare Michael's juice and that Conrad Murray would come down at 10:00 a.m. to bring it to Michael, however, on the morning of June 25th, Conrad Murray did not come and get Michael's juice. She also said that the night of the 24th, she left dinner in the frig for Michael and when she returned the next morning, the breakfast was still there. She stated that she first knew something was wrong when Murray came running down the stairs asking for Prince and security. She went to get Price, but did not go outside for security because she didn't want to leave the children unattended. She said that although she didn't know what was going on, she knew something bad was taking place and she, along with the housekeepers and children, began to pray. She said that Michael's house was always full of music, laughter, and a very happy place.

The final witness was the paramedic that first arrived on the scene. He identified himself as having 27 years of experience. He said that when he first arrived he asked Conrad Murray exactly what happened. Murray first said, "nothing." Then he said that Michael was suffering from dehydration. He then asked Murray what medications did he give Michael and Murray stated he only gave him Adavan to sleep. The paramedic asked him repeatedly if he gave him anything else, and Murray's answer was, "no." The paramedic said that it didn't add up and he felt the doctor wasn't telling him the complete story. When he walked in, Murray and Alberto were placing Michael on the floor. They then moved Michael to the foot of the bed on the floor so that they could have room to work on him. He stated that Michael was totally unresponsive, did not look good at all upon arrival, that his eyes and mouth were opened, no pulse, no heart beat, eyes were totally dialated and that his hands and feet were already turning blue from lack of oxengen and blood. He stated that his professional opinion was Michael was already dead upon arrival and had been dead for some time. The paramedic said he called UCLA to get instructions and they wanted him to pronounce him dead, however, Murray claimed to have felt a pulse. When he checked, he did not find the pulse claimed by Murray. Because Murray wanted to take Michael to the hospital anyway without pronouncing him dead, they told Murray he would assume responsibility for his care, therefore, he had to come to the hospital and ride in the ambulance. Just prior to leaving for the hospital, the paramedic returned to Michael's room to make sure that they didn't leave any medical equipment behind and found Murray in the room looking around and witnessed him taking the bag that Alberto put the medicines in.

The defense tried to paint the picture that it is normal for doctors to ask for help and that doctors are not use to trauma situations like paramedics. However, the defense fails to get the fact that although these scenarios are true in normal situations, in this case, Conrad Murray lied to the paramedics, failed to disclose that he gave Michael propofol and during the 911 call Alberto said Murray was doing CPR on the bed (which proves he didn't know what he was doing).

How does a heart doctor not know how to do CPR? He joked to Alberto while doing mouth to mouth that he normally don't do this, but will for Michael because he was his friend. It is suspect whether Conrad Murray is even a real doctor, let alone a heart doctor.

Today's hearing was extremely difficult for the Jackson family. Janet Jackson was noteably upset, Catherine Jackson was teary eyed and Joe Jackson was quite upset by the testimony. Upon leaving the court house, I asked Joe Jackson how he felt about the hearing and he said, "we demand a federal investigation."

The Jackson Truth
Geraldine Hughes, reporting

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Jackson Truth: Preliminary Hearing - Jan. 4th, 2011

The preliminary hearing began in the wrongful death of Michael Jackson with the attendance of Ms. Katherine Jackson, Jackie Jackson & LaToya Jackson. I was told that Joe Jackson got caught in the snow storm in Las Vegas and was unable to be there, but will be there later on this week.

Kenny Ortega was the first witness to take the stand and his information of interest was that he was concerned about Michael's health and sent him home because he wasn't feeling good. Ortega was told by Dr. Murray to not worry about Michael's health and was told that he was not a doctor and to leave that matter to his discretion.

Michael Amir Williams was Michael's security and friend. He painted a timeline to Michael's activities the day before he died. He expressed that they went to the Staples center at approx. 7pm and returned to the Carrolwood house at approx. 12:30 to 1:00 a.m. He said that after making sure everything was all right, he left and went home and that Conrad Murray was there. He received a call from Conrad Murray that morning at approx. 12:13 p.m. expressing that something was terribly wrong concerning Michael Jackson. Amir called another security that was on the premises, Faheen Muhammad and instructed him to go through the front door of the house to find out what was going on. Faheen went upstairs and discovered a frantic, sweating Conrad Murray trying to do CPR on Michael. Faheen stated that when he saw Michael his eyes and mouth were opened and that there was no movement from Michael Jackson.

When Faheen took the stand he identified himself as being a good friend of Michael Amir who was hired by Michael as the head security. Faheen was the driver that drove Michael to the Staples Center the night before he died. He returned Michael to Carrolwood between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. and after debriefing with other security, he left. The defense tried to make it appear as though he didn't know all his facts and even asked him "if he knew what mouth-to-mouth recucsitation was." Faheen was very confident even through the defenses condenscending questions.

Day one was very trying for the family, as well as Michael Jackson supporters that were in the court room. The most disturbing discovery was when Conrad Murray asked if "anyone knew CPR." As soon as that information was disclosed, the entire court room came to a complete holt! Everyone was in dismay, including the judge.

After leaving the court house, I asked La Toya how she felt about the proceedings and she stated, "I just want justice." I also asked Ms. Katherine Jackson how she felt about the doctor not knowing CPR, and Ms. Jackson stated "it was ludicrous!"

The next court hearing is Wednesday, January 5, 2011 beginning at 9:30 a.m.
(See a clip of Geraldine Hughes reporting)

Geraldine Hughes
The Jackson Truth

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conrad Murder Trial Update - August 23, 2010

The murder trial for Conrad Murray convened today at 12:30 p.m. Katherine & Joseph Jackson arrived together with Rebbie Jackson. Randy Jackson arrived late and had to stand in the back with the baliffs.

The Judge set a date for the beginning of the preliminary hearing for January 4, 2011at 12:30 pm. He also set a status date for October 26, 2010, for any motions to be heard or any issues that need to be resolved before the preliminary hearing. The judge did not want to violate the chain of custody, but the defense wanted to reexam before the fluids either turned up missing, destroyed or its integrity is lessened.

The attorneys for the medical board were present. Conrad Murray's attorneys filed a motion requesting to re-test three fluids of Michael Jackson's with a positive result. The judge asked them to work out this request amongst themselves, including the coroner's office, but make sure that it is resolved before the next hearing of Oct. 26th.

The judge also said that the reason for continuing the preliminary hearing until January was because there were still outstanding issues regarding discovery, documents and witness availability.

A VOICE FOR MICHAEL: It is my personal opinion that they are dragging their feet. Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009. The preliminary hearing won't start for almost two years after his death. I think this is absurd! They are dragging this case along hoping that it will lose steam in the media, with the fans so that it can be swept under the rug. Enough is enough. We need to request that this case be moved from the state court to the Federal criminal court. While they are dragging their feet, Conrad Murray is vacationing, practicing his medicine as usual, when his license should have been revoked, his bail should have been set at $3million dollars and his charge should be 1st degree murder.